Quality Auto Body and Collision Repair

Quality Collision Repair Of A Damaged Car Bumper And Rear Quarter Panel
Quality Collision Repair Of A Damaged Car Bumper And Rear Quarter Panel

Trust Pro Finish, Inc.’s experienced team of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE®) certified technicians to restore your car to pre-accident condition with professional auto body and collision repair services.

Pro Finish’s exclusive auto body repair process includes:

  • Analyze damage reports from your car’s computer, review a first estimate (desk estimate) prepared by your insurance company, write a supplemental cost estimate after opening up your vehicle, and plan repair work
  • Inspect your car, SUV, or light truck for structural damage
  • Remove damaged body parts, including front and rear bumpers, fenders, quarter panels, hood and trunk, grille, and trim
  • Realign your car frame and chassis to repair structural damage to manufacturer specifications
  • Patch dents, dimples, and other minor body damage
  • Install replacement auto body parts, including original equipment manufacturer (OEM), aftermarket, and reconditioned.
  • Prepare and prime refurbished and repaired surfaces
  • Paint and refinish your vehicle to make it look like it did before the accident
  • Road test your car to ensure your satisfaction.

You have just been in an auto accident. Your first priority is to protect you and your vehicle’s occupants. Start by calling 911 to get law enforcement to secure the accident scene and to summon medical services. Stay in your vehicle and get off the road; take an exit or enter a parking lot. 10% of vehicles are undrivable after a collision and require a tow to a collision repair center. Contact a personal injury attorney in the event of injury. Report the accident to your insurance company, too. Finally, remember that it is your car and your choice who repairs it. Pro Finish is unbiased and independent. We do what is right for you!

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Auto Body Repair Processes And Standards Compliance

Pro Finish, Inc. complies with manufacturers’ auto body repair processes and standards when repairing your car, minivan, SUV, or light truck. We service manufacturer vehicles ranging from BMW and Mercedes Benz to Chevrolet and Ford.

Major Insurance Companies Or No Insurance Coverage

Rest assured, Pro Finish, Inc. has you covered. We work with all major insurance companies on your behalf, to return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Insurers range from Progressive to Safeco. Browse a complete list of insurers with whom we work for you. No insurance, no problem. Pro Finish works directly with you.

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