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Whether you’re in need of paintless dent removal or collision repairs, we’re here to assist you. Have questions about your vehicle? Find answers for all your auto questions below. If you don’t see your question answered below, give us a call at 253-850-9422 and get an answer from our professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have been in an accident, what should I do?
A. Make sure you and your passengers are ok and clear the road. In case of injury, call 911 and let them know you were in an accident. If no obvious injuries, call 911 and report the accident, exchange all the information, and take picture of the damage, the person’s driver’s license and insurance info.
Q. Is it dangerous to drive my vehicle?
A. Depending on how severe the damage is. If no coolant or airbag deployment and no damage to the wheels. Please take it slow and have Pro Finish Inc. take a look.
Q. Is my insurance company responsible to pay for the damage?
A. Depends on the person who is liable and what kind of coverage you have purchased.
Q. Must I use one of their “approved or recommended” repair shops?
A. You have the right to choose, your car your choice! Pro Finish has been serving Kent and surrounding areas since 1996 Pro Finish always looks out for your best interest in mind.
Pro Finish Inc takes the time to use quality parts and OEM procedures for a quality repair.
Insurance companies may use words to convince you to choose one of their insurance shops like preferred list or DRP (direct repair program). They may also discredit the shop you want to use by stating that the shop is not guaranteed or present on their preferred list and threaten you that you have to pay to cover the difference. This is all a line for them to control where your vehicle goes.
Please remember, your car, your choice and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.
Q. Will my insurance company provide me with a rental car while my car is being repaired?
A. If you are a claimant, the other party’s insurance company will be responsible for providing you a rental car during the time of repairs, if you need one. If you are the insured party in the accident, you will need to check with your insurance company to see if you have car rental on your policy.
Q. How long do they pay for the rental car?
A. If you have a rental agreement, it is based on your policy. If you are a claimant using the other insured, then it is based on the repair time.
Q. What if my insurance company already has given me the estimate?
A. We will work with your insurance company for your best interest and will supplement for any hidden damage.
Q. Do I have a choice what parts (new or used) will be used to repair my vehicle?
A. New, used or aftermarket parts are used based on the age of your vehicle and what policy you have purchased. In the case that you’re a claimant, new or recycled factory parts are always used.
Q. Can the repair facility work with me on my deductible?
A. Sometimes there are some options. For instance, if you have rental car coverage and you have another car to drive, the dollars for rental car can be used (unless your policy states otherwise). We do take Visa or Mastercard.
Q. How long will it take to repair my vehicle?
A. The repair process is based upon the amount of damage hours.
Sometimes the insurance company wants to re-inspect after a full tear down and negotiate the process. Pro Finish Inc takes the time for a quality repair and will negotiate for your best interest.
Q. Is there a warranty for the paint and repair order?
A. Yes, Pro Finish Inc has a Limited Lifetime WARRANTY.
Q. Will the accident decrease the value of my car?
A. Yes, if the vehicle has never been in an accident. When this happens this is called diminished value, It also depends on the severity of the damage.
Q. Must I notify my insurance company prior to having repairs done?
A. Yes. Insurance policies state that you must notify the insurance company or your agent, file a report with them and let them know where the damaged vehicle can be viewed.
Q. Do I need more than one estimate?
A. No. Washington law states that your only obligation is to choose the shop of your choice and inform the insurance company where the vehicle is going.
Q. Will I be forced to use the repair shop with the lowest bid?
A. The repair facility that writes the lowest estimate is not necessarily the best place to have your car repaired. In fact, obtaining repairs from the lowest bidder is usually not in the best interest of the customer. When one considers the safety issues involved in collision repair, as well as the considerable investment one has in his or her vehicle, the value of quality repairs becomes clear. A modern, well-equipped collision repair center represents an enormous investment in equipment, training and people. As is often the case with goods and services, one gets what one pays for.
Q. Will my vehicle be the same after the repair?
A. Reputable auto body shops have the equipment and training to restore your vehicle to pre-loss condition within industry standards. Experts can always find indications of a repair. This doesn’t mean it was not repaired properly, only that due to not having the same equipment that the manufacturers have, shops cannot exactly duplicate the manufacturer’s work. Your vehicle will still be cosmetically and structurally equal to its pre-accident condition.
Q. What type of replacement parts will you install on my vehicle?
A. The estimate will indicate the types of parts to be installed on your vehicle. Replacement parts fall into 3 major categories: new original equipment manufacturer (referred to as OEM); new non-original equipment parts (referred to as economy, aftermarket, offshore, or imitation); and recycled parts (referred to as used, LKQ – [like, kind and quality], or salvage).
Most insurers have specific policies regarding the use of aftermarket parts. These policies are often contingent upon the year, mileage, condition, warranty, and state regulations. If non-original parts are specified for your repair, you may pay the repairer the difference for new parts.
Most insurance policies support the use of recycled parts after the vehicle is 1 or 2 years from the manufactures production date. Recycled parts must be salvaged from a vehicle that is the same year or newer than the vehicle being repaired. They must also be in equal or better condition. Recycled parts are not generally available.
All you need to know is that if any recycled parts, regardless of their source, are not up to specifications, Pro Finish Inc will not use them. In the end, the vehicle must be in the same condition it was before the accident occurred. Any other result is unacceptable.
Q. Shouldn’t I go back to the dealer that I bought the car?
A. Your dealer may not be your best choice for collision repair. Your dealer generally has no unique edge in terms of technology, techniques, or parts availability when it comes to repairing your vehicle after a collision. Pro Finish Inc has been serving Kent and surrounding areas for over 18 years.
This is not to say that all dealers are bad, by any means, but some tend to emphasize the numbers above quality. You can sometimes feel lost in the shuffle. Quality control and personal attention can sometimes be difficult for the big dealer shop, as 30 or 40 repairs are juggled simultaneously. Rather than automatically returning to your dealer for collision repairs, we encourage you to be a careful shopper when selecting a repair facility. Ask your friends, neighbors, and relatives about the experiences they have had with collision repair, and select the shop you think will provide the highest quality result.
Q. Can I have other items fixed on my car as well?
A. Yes – but only if you pay for it! This question is one heard often by body shop owners and managers. The truth is that shops cannot legitimately and legally include non-accident-related damages in the price of the repair. By asking this question, people are essentially asking the repair shop facility to participate in defrauding the insurance company.
Q. Will my paint match?
A. Yes! Most of today’s vehicles come from the factory with a Base Coat Clear Coat finish. The Base Coat is the color and the Clear Coat is a high gloss protective coating applied over the color. When your car is repaired, the paint (Base Coat) is matched to the existing color of your car. It is then applied to the affected areas of the repair. After applying the Base Coat, the color is checked one more time for match, then the Clear Coat is applied. Most colors require an additional procedure to achieve an exact match called a blend. In a blend, the paint (Base Coat) used on the repair is shaded onto the adjacent panel(s). This “blends” the new color into the existing. Once the paint (Base Coat) is applied and the designated panels are blended, Clear Coat is applied over the newly repaired surfaces as well as the entire surface(s) of the blended panel(s). By Clear Coating the entire panel being blended, you prevent a “Blend Line” from developing later in the car’s life (a blend line occurs when the original paint starts to fade and the new paint doesn’t, causing a visible color change from the new to the old.)
Proper paint matching requires a high level of skill and sometimes a great deal of patience. Be sure you select a repair facility, like Pro Finish Inc, that will take the time and has the expertise to produce the most perfect match possible.
Q. How should I care for my new paint job?
A. While the paint is still fresh (first 60 days) avoid parking your vehicle anywhere that substances could come in contact with it. This includes under trees, where bird droppings or sap could fall on the new paint. If droppings, sap or bug splatters do get on your vehicle, they should be washed off as soon as possible due to their acidic effect. Be careful when adding fluids (gas, oil, etc.) to your vehicle. The chemicals in the fluids could damage the new paint. Do not use a scraper on any of the paint. When washing your vehicle within the first 60 days, do not use a commercial car wash. Their equipment can cause damage. Using a mild car wash soap (NOT household detergent) and clean fresh water, hand-wash your vehicle with a clean, soft, wash cloth or sponge. Make sure your vehicle’s surface is cool to the touch and is in the shade to avoid water spots. Waxing is not recommended within these first 60 days, but should become a regular part of your vehicle maintenance after this period. We suggest waxing your vehicle at least 3 times a year.
Q. Once an insurance company issues a check, am I responsible for any additional charges?
A. Any estimate is just that – an estimate. An appraiser can only report that damage which is visible. When additional damage becomes evident as the repair progresses, a claim can be reopened and a supplemental payment issued. In fact, most large collision repairs require at least one supplement to the original estimate. The supplement is then paid by the insurance company.
Q. What insurance companies do you work with?
  • 21st Century Insurance 1-888-244-6163
  • AAA Insurance 1-800-562-2582
  • AIG Insurance (21st Century) 1-877-638-4244
  • A. M. Best Company 1-908-439-2200
  • Allstate Insurance 1-800-255-7828
  • American Bankers 1-800-360-2277
  • American Claims Management 1-888-799-2919
  • American Commerce 1-877-224-5677
  • American Family Insurance 1-800-692-6326
  • American Modern 1-800-759-9008
  • American National Property & Casualty 1-253-495-2534
  • American Security Insurance 1-773-342-9500
  • Ameriprise/Amex Insurance 1-800-535-2001
  • Amica 1-888-592-6422
  • Atlantic Mutual 1-800-444-6161
  • Austin Mutual 1-800-328-4628
  • Chartis 1-888-760-9195
  • Auto-Owners 1-888-252-4626
  • California Casualty 1-866-680-5143
  • Cambridge Auto Insurance 1-800-955-4456
  • Colonial Penn Auto Insurance 1-877-877-8003
  • Condon & Skelly Insurance 1-800-257-9496
  • Country Casualty Insurance 1-866-268-6879
  • Dairyland 1-800-334-0090
  • Deerbrook 1-800-333-7276
  • Depositors 1-515-508-4211
  • Eastwood Auto Insurance 1-800-468-5377
  • Economy 1-413-736-6785
  • Electric 1-800-342-5342
  • Encompass 1-800-588-7400
  • Erie 1-800-458-0811
  • Esurance 1-800-378-7262
  • Farmers Insurance 1-800-435-7764
  • Fidelity National 1-800-725-9472
  • Financial Indemnity 1-888-253-7834
  • Foremost Insurance Company 1-800-527-3905
  • Garrison 1-888-492-8092
  • GEICO Auto Insurance 1-800-861-8380
  • General Insurance Company of America 1-206-545-5000
  • GMAC 1-800-325-1088
  • Grange Insurance Association 1-800-546-8850
  • GSA Fleet 1-253-931-7000
  • GuideOne 1-888-748-4326
  • Hanover 1-800-628-0250
  • Horace Mann 1-800-999-1030
  • IDS Property Casualty Insurance 1-800-535-2001
  • Infinity 1-800-334-1661
  • Kemper Insurance 1-888-252-2799
  • Liberty Mutual 1-800-225-2467
  • Markel 1-800-416-4364
  • MeraStar 1-800-637-2782
  • Mercury 1-800-956-3728
  • MetLife 1-800-422-4272
  • Metropolitan 1-773-631-9595
  • Meritplan 1-949-222-8000
  • Mid-Century 1-888-516-5656
  • Mutual of Enumclaw 1-877-425-2580
  • National General Insurance 1-800-333-2860
  • National Interstate 1-800-929-0870
  • National Merit 1-800-562-6551
  • National Motor Club 1-800-523-4582
  • New Hampshire Indemnity 1-212-770-8600
  • North Pacific Insurance Company 1-800-289-0930
  • Northbrook Indemnity Company 1-800-333-7276
  • Omni 1-800-727-6664
  • Oregon Mutual 1-800-934-3809
  • Orion Auto Insurance Co. 1-949-261-9752
  • Pemco Insurance 1-800-467-3626
  • Permanent General 1-800-280-1466
  • Phoenix 1-800-252-4633
  • Progressive Corp 1-800-776-4737
  • QBE 1-800-777-0078
  • Safeco Insurance 1-800-472-3326
  • Sentry 1-800-833-2244
  • State Farm Insurance 1-253-912-7710
  • The Hartford 1-877-805-9918
  • Titan 1-800-926-3168
  • Trevco 1-281-427-9063
  • Travelers 1-800-252-4633
  • Trinity Universal Insurance Co. 1-214-360-8039
  • Unigard 1-800-777-0078
  • Unitrin 1-800-234-3606
  • Victoria Fire & Casualty Company 1-800-888-8424
  • Vigilant Insurance Company 1-800-252-4670
  • Viking 1-800-334-0090
  • Voyager 1-800-342-4444
  • USAA Insurance 1-800-531-8722
  • Western National 1-800-862-6070
  • Willoughby Insurance 1-888-756-2600
  • Windsor Group 1-800-852-8220
  • Workmens Auto 1-888-811-4054
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